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For centuries flowers have been prized by various cultures across the world as objects of beauty. In today’s society, however, their value goes beyond aesthetics. These breathing works of art are testament to the powerful force of nature. Flowers not only express and elicit emotion – they have an innate ability to form a deeper connection with the environments that surround them. Familiar spaces come alive again, creating a new way of living.

Floral art is not like a painting that you view in a museum – every aspect of it is personal.  I want people to relate to flowers as living objects that they can admire, appreciate, touch or even integrate into their daily lives. Flowers can transform any environment or space, and I want to showcase that.

Gary Kwok 

Founder of Gary K Limited


Did you always want to be a floral designer? 

It’s something I never really thought about, but that all changed when I was in my late teens. As a child I was always drawn to colours. I loved making things with my hands, but I never thought it would inspire my future career path.

When I was 18-years-old I went to study in Japan and stayed with a friend. Her mother made beautiful fabric flowers and I eventually began learning from her. After a year, she suggested me to study floral design properly. It just continued from there.   

Most creatives have a specific style or signature – how would you describe yours?

I have certain signatures but one connecting thread is my use of colour. I am able to blend and play with colours easily. And although I like to experiment with technique, I always strive to present flowers as close to their natural form as possible, while accentuating their beauty.

How do you choose what flowers to work with – do you have favorites?

The amazing thing with flowers is that each has its own specific traits. Working with them is
like playing matchmaker. Each flower has a specific character which I use to enhance a mood
or message.

What qualities does a person need to be a good florist?

You need to have a good eye for colour. Everyone has certain preferences, but an overall appreciation for beauty is key.  You can always learn technique and get better with experience, but a good floral designer must have an innate sense for what’s aesthetically beautiful.

Do other creative worlds inspire your designs?

Interiors, fashion, architecture and historical buildings inspire me. Interior design is a passion of mine and I like my flowers to blend into the space while enhancing it. It’s fun to collaborate with interior designers because we constantly challenge each other. They have a vision of the space and I like to transform it. Most of the time they don’t have guidelines and let me work freely which I love.

You’ve worked on many projects – can you tell us about one of your most memorable?

In 2002, the Giorgio Armani team approached us as a potential partner for their first Armani/Fiori store in Hong Kong. They asked three top florists in the city to submit a proposal. These were all presented to Mr. Armani and he selected me. We still work together to this day. Minimalism is the key of Armani/Fiori's design and it takes a lot of techniques to elaborate such simple yet complicated style. The attention is in the detail.

As you reflect on your 20 plus years in the industry, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

When I work with flowers, it ignites a passion deep within me. My work is a means through which I am able to communicate and express my deepest thoughts and dreams to the outside world, without hesitation. I hope my work inspires people to look beyond the superficial, and to discover a world of emotion where they can find their own passion, whatever it may be.

Floral artistry, to me, isn’t just about creating a beautiful object. It is an art that requires skill, unbridled imagination, passion and a love for the handmade. It’s a craft and tradition that I would like to preserve and pass on to future generations. That is the best gift I can leave behind.




We believe it is essential to treat our work and clients genuinely. Our service celebrates major life events and we treat them just as important as our clients do.


Through our work, we share our point-of-view of the aesthetics of floral design. It is our responsibility to influence our surroundings about the art of floral design and the appreciation of it.

Above & Beyond

Being good is not enough for our exclusive clientele. We strive for the best we can and even push beyond our limits in every possible way.


With over 20 years in the industry, we truly understand the value of the reliability across our service. Our professional florist team is always ready to provide the bespoke flower service for any special occasion.

You & I

As a business of gifts, we are gifted to be able to share joy around the city. To start with, we care about the people around us and the society we live in.

OUR CLIENTELE(Include but not limited to)

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Alexander McQueen




Christian Dior

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Giuseppe Zanotti

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Jimmy Choo
Lane Crawford

Louis Vuitton

Pedder Group

Ralph Lauren
Roger Vivier
Tiffany & Co.
Van Cleef & Arpels



Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Hotel Vic aka Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel

St.Regis Hong Kong
The Repulse Bay
The Upper House


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AFSO Design

Steve Leung Designers

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